Work at home using Affiliate Marketing...

Can I really work at home?

Yes, you can work at home immediately. Your work at home position will be extremely rewarding, and you will enjoy it. What will you be doing? Affiliate marketing. We are going to get you up to speed with all the latest, cutting edge affiliate marketing techniques right away so you can begin working at home.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the practice of advertising a product in return for a commission. Usually commissions are earned when a sale, lead or other action occurs. (For instance, john is an affiliate of John posts ads online that advertise this carwax website. In his ad, there is a link at the bottom, which john put there, hoping that someone will click on the link and buy a can of carwax. If someone does, John will get a commission, anywhere from 0.01 percent on up to 100%)

How do you drive traffic?

An affiliate marketer will drive traffic to a website using either Pay Per Click advertising, Online classifieds, Search engines, and other methods to earn cash when someone purchases the service, ebook, membership, product, etc.

We will venture into every aspect of promoting products on the internet. Some methods require financial investment, some methods are entirely free, no-cost.

How do I start?

You join an affiliate program. Ebay has one, Amazon has one, and the hottest and sometimes easiest affiliate programs to promote are those products that are registered with or which are called "Digital products." These products are so easy to promote, you can physically begin promoting them and earning commissions 10 minutes from now if you wanted to. (But please read the rest of this manifest first.)

Websites run "affiliate programs," usually accessible from a link at the bottom of their webpage, where you sign up and then you start promoting them. Your efforts are digitally tracked; you promote these offers online and make commissions.

Affiliate marketers make money from earning commissions. Commissions are generally anywhere from $1.00 to $1000.00. An average commission for a digital product, (Like the products at is $22.00.

You receive these "commissions" from promoting website "offers." Websites and services pay you these commissions when you refer to them a customer. Some website offers are software downloads; some are physical products like lawnmowers or stereo equipment.

By the way, there is not just one way of doing things. As an affiliate marketer, you can promote different products, programs or "offers" that function differently, some pay you only when a "visitor" or "consumer" buys something, and some pay you when a visitor or "consumer" signs up. It is your choice, which offers you want to promote.

You can start & stop at anytime. You can promote these offers using all sorts of different methods. Some methods cost money, and some techniques to promote the offers are 100% free. Once you get familiar with the way it works and the terminology, you will see it is actually very simple.

You will gauge the performance of the product you are promoting with a measurement of success called a "conversion rate." A "conversion rate" is the calculation of how many visitors it took to get a sale.

If your website or offer gets one sale for every 15 visitors, you would have a conversion rate of 1:15 or roughly 6%.

If your website or offer gets one sale for every 20 visitors, you would have a conversion rate of 1:20 or exactly 5%.

How these affiliate programs track your efforts and ensure that you are paid for each sale:

When you sign up for an affiliate program like BigBillions, you are given a unique code, called a "hop link" or an "affiliate code" which looks like a web address. In a nutshell, you want consumers to click on this web address, which will take them to the site you are promoting, and buy whatever you are selling. You will get a commission.

We are going to go over some pretty clever techniques you can use to promote your code, some of which include posting an ad on a "free classifieds" website, blogs, or search engine advertising, then at the bottom of the ad, you will tell visitors to click on your affiliate URL "to get started."

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