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Listen up! You don't need to buy any of the "make money online" ebooks or systems, I am going to tell you how to make money online for FREE. Here are the basics first: You probably have seen all types of advertisements online selling one thing or another, and most of these advertisements were not even posted by the businesses themselves, they were posted by "affiliates." Basically, in a nutshell, you can be an affiliate too, make commissions from your advertisements, and the best thing is, you can do it for no cost up front, it doesn't take alot of time, and you don't even need to get up from where you are sitting right now either.

It's called "affiliate marketing." Look it up, it's the practice of marketing a product or service in exchange for a commission. In a nutshell, here's what I did to start making money online & I became extremely successful:

I joined "" for free and started promoting products on their marketplace. Clickbank sends me a check every 2 weeks and has been doing so since I started.

I signed up at google adwords and I started promoting the products using Google adwords and article sites like Watch some videos on how to market products, they get advanced & everything;
Watch this video on promoting different products at the same website:

Learn "The octopus operation!"

Learn how to create a campaign the adgroups, and keywords to use to promote different pages at the same website.

Learn how to write ad copy:

This video shows how simple it is to write award winning ad copy. You will find out that it is easier than you thought to write ads in your PPC campaign that actually work, and for a good reason! Enjoy this informative PPC ad copy lesson!

Create keyword combinations yourself without use of "tools."

This video is another "common sense" concept, )for keyword combos) that when mastered is all you need when you set up a new PPC campaign. Find out how the masters think.

Making money with a newsletter!

Learn how to sell your subscribers things by simply communicating with them.

Look through the directories in hopes of finding a good place to post, advertise, and present your product that you own, or are just promoting. The challenge is finding these gatherings before other entrepreneurs find them.

Once you have found an ideal daily posting web site, Make a folder called “Affiliate Ads’ and write each ad on another Text edit document or word document.

Here is an ad I use for promoting

I have government repossessed AUTO giveaway listings <a href="">here</a>

If you are looking to take advantage of the 1000's of repossessed cars, trucks and SUV’s practically given away by police, government and auctions with over 80% off, you must go <a href=" ">HERE</a>.

This is truly the best site for listings of government giveaways, listings of cars, (practically given away for $300! etc.

These are LISTINGS of giveaways, just so you know-

These government sources give these cars away for sometimes $300! It is crazy!

After what I know now, I would never buy a car any other way.

Check out the site <a href=" ">Seized Cars, Trucks, and SUV's CLICK HERE</a>
Email us at producerjamie [at] and we will install your conversion tracking!

You will get paid 70% commission everytime you sell BigBillions products.
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If you are already and affiliate with Clickbank, you can begin making money with Bigbillions by placing the following banners, and/or links on your site or in search engines.


The way your sales will be tracked is there is a standard code called a "Hoplink" which consists of your clickbank user ID and then our user ID, so when you post this code, the user goes to (whichever Bigbillions site you want to promote) via your Hoplink, and when the user purchases the product, you get the commission because your Clickbank User ID was embedded in the code.


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